Modular living roof systems provide a complete extensive roof in a modular tray, ensuring excellent planting quality with simplicity of installation.

Axter’s Hydropack® modular tray system comprises a tray manufactured from recycled high density polypropylene (HDPE), drainage granules, filter layer, growing medium and pre-grown vegetation. With its innovative design, Hydropack has an increased amount of water available for plants. They are able to grow quickly, are robust and can withstand long dry periods in the summer.

Where watering is required, such as on sloping roofs, the trays help to reduce the amount of water needed for irrigation. During violent downpours Hydropack reduces and delays water run off thus lessening the demand on the drainage system. The trays are grown for 12-18 months at a nursery and are then delivered with full plant cover. Once installed, the immediate effect is of a green roof and then no special maintenance is required for the first two years.


  • Pre-grown vegetation gives the immediate visual appearance of a green roof
  • Quick and easy installation of an extensive roof
  • Suitable for flat and sloping
  • Ideal for roofs exposed to very strong winds
  • Effective drainage 500 holes/m2
  • Water reserve 8 litres/m
  • Excellent water distribution
  • Robust fixings
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