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Aquamodul Oasis®

Flat roofs are versatile environments with unique characteristics and have the capability to fulfil a variety of functions.

Flat roofs should ideally be designed as multi-functional spaces used for amenity, leisure, biodiversity, agriculture and renewable energy generation. The roof finishes associated with these uses can now accommodate the inclusion of blue roof sustainable drainage systems through the introduction of the Aquamodul Oasis multi-functional hydroactive roof system.

Aquamodul Oasis blue roof system is a multi-functional hydroactive roof system combining four technological functions that provide rainwater retention, natural irrigation, rainwater attenuation and multi-purpose surfacing on the roof. It is calculated that 80% of the rainwater retained within in the Aquamodul Oasis Hydrostock retention cell network will be used to naturally irrigate intensive, extensive or biodiverse living roof finishes installed above the finished system, thus eliminating the need for independent irrigation systems and reducing reliance on drinking water for irrigation.

Aquamodul Oasis blue roof sustainable drainage systems are designed for use with Axter Force® Dalle roof waterproofing systems in a warm, cold or inverted roof construction. Aquamodul Oasis blue roof systems are also suitable for installation in conjunction with Axter’s unique Wilotekt®-Plus Hot Melt structural waterproofing system in a cold or inverted roof construction.

When designing inverted warm blue roofs advice provided within BS 6229 : 2018 and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) technical guidance note for the construction and design of blue roofs should be followed.


Compliant with BS 6229:2018 – Code of Practice (section Designed and engineered in compliance with the NFRC Technical Guidance Note for the construction and design of Blue Roofs. Compliant with CIRIA SuDS manual 2015, British Board of Agrément (BBA) Certificate 15/5222 Axter Force® Dalle RBM system, and European Technical Approval (ETA) Certificate No ETA-03/0049 Axter Wilotekt®-Plus hot melt system.

More Benefits

  • Multi functional hydroactive roof with integrated storm water management system
  • Closed attenuation cell independent of the waterproofing and drainage system
  • No requirement for specialist rainwater outlets
  • Suitable for use beneath living, solar PV and mixed amenity finishes.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled materials
  • SuDS regulation and planning condition compliant
  • Third party building warranty (LABC / NHBC) compliant
  • Cost effective to install and to maintain
  • Minimum 20 year insured guarantee, covering materials, design, workmanship and insolvency

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