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Ecoflex® Solar PV Flex

An integrated solution providing robust Single-Ply PVC-p waterproofing and the production of clean, efficient electrical energy within a single flat roof system configuration.

Ecoflex Solar PV Flex combines Ecoflex® high-performance PVC-p waterproofing membranes, with Solar PV Flex (CIGS) flexible photovoltaic modules, anchored to the waterproofing using Axter’s non-penetrative self adhesive, flame free, attachment method.

Ecoflex Solar PV Flex waterproofing membranes can be installed either mechanically fixed (FM) or adhered (ADH) as part of a warm roof installation using hot air welding techniques without the requirement for naked flames. With exceptional performance characteristics, Ecoflex Solar PV Flex has been specifically designed to be flexible and durable and is suitable for use on all roofing projects including domestic, commercial and industrial structures.

Ecoflex Solar PV Flex (CIGS) modules have the highest absorption coefficient of any existing semi-conductor and a diffusion length of 1 micron. Just 1 micron of this material absorbs more than 90% of sunlight. Ecoflex Solar PV Flex thin-film solar cells also have a small temperature coefficient (-0.24%), which means every 1% increase in temperature will result in a 0.24% decrease in energy conversion efficiency. When the ambient temperature is 28°C, the operating temperature of the solar PV system will increase to approximately 75°C. During this temperature range, Ecoflex Solar PV Flex thin-film solar PV modules have an energy production efficiency 10-12% greater than rigid panel systems, resulting in like for like higher annual productivity.

Ecoflex® systems are installed in a single layer application and can be installed on all deck types. All system components are specified and installed to ensure compatibility and single source responsibility, and detailing is completed in full compliance with Axter recommendations and the SPRA design guide.

Ecoflex Solar PV Flex modules use flame free, self-adhesive application techniques. This eliminates any need for penetration of the Ecoflex® waterproofing system during installation and greatly simplifies installation on roofs of all shapes and sizes. The modules can simply be bonded to curved surfaces, enabling solar power generation on roofs where traditional rigid silicon panels are not suitable.

Axter Universal Fixing Points (UFPs) are fully compatible with Ecoflex® systems and should be installed to support cable trays for PV cabling. Prefabricated cable penetration units should also be installed to ensure the waterproofing system integrity is maintained at all times.

20 Year Guarantee

Ecoflex® Solar PV Flex modules are supplied with a manufacturer’s linear electrical energy production guarantee and combined product performance guarantee of 20 years.

Guarantee 20


Ecoflex® Solar PV Flex systems are manufactured in full compliance with EN 61646 and EN 61730 and meet all relevant British and harmonised European standards. They are compliant with BS EN 62446 Grid Connected Photovoltaics and BS EN 61853-1 Defining Solar Photovoltaic Power.

Ecoflex® Solar PV Flex waterproofing system is British Board of Agrément (BBA) approved - Certificate No 15/5261 PS1 & PS2. Compliant with BS 6229: 2018 - Flat Roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings – Code of Practice. Compliant with BS EN 13956:2012 - Flexible sheets for waterproofing: Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing - definitions and characteristics, CE Marked and accepted by all third party building warranty providers such as the LABC and the NHBC.

More Benefits

  • Made with recycled polymers
  • Resistant to weathering and UV
  • Design flexibility and mechanical resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Vapour permeability with superior weld characteristics
  • Quick installation and detailing
  • Zero flame – hot air welded installation
  • Wide range of aesthetic choices
  • 35 year waterproofing system service and design life
  • 20 year insured guarantee, covering materials, design, workmanship and insolvency

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