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BS 6229 : 2018 - Flat Roofs Updated Code of Practice

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In 2018, the British Standards Institute (BSI) published BS 6229 : 2018 Flat roofs with continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings – Code of practice.

In a nutshell, BS 6229 : 2018 describes best current practice in the design, construction, care and maintenance of roofs with a flat or curved surface, at a pitch no greater than 10 degrees to the horizontal, with a continuously supported flexible waterproof covering.

Since publication of the first edition in 2003, many changes have taken place regarding the functional requirements for buildings, the performance capability of many roofing materials and some aspects of building practice. Because of this, the original code of practice has undergone a thorough review and update.

Our comprehensive CPD provides in-depth information about these updates to the British Standards Code of Practice and gives insight into a variety of important topics in the flat roofing industry. We will walk you through the following updates:

  • Definitions
  • Types of flat roof (specifically cold roofs)
  • Zero fall roofs
  • Rainwater disposal
  • Thermal performance
  • Blue roofs

It's no secret the flat roof sector is developing fast with new materials and design methods. Through this CPD we will help you stay up to date with all relevant developments and changes.

This is a RIBA approved CPD.

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