Solar PV

Flexible photovoltaic CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) modules integrated into Axter waterproofing

Axter Solar PV Flex is a lightweight building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solution where the solar PV module and the waterproofing system are combined, and the PV module is secured to the roof waterproofing system without the need for mechanical restraint and penetration of the waterproof layer.

With nearly half of the world's electrical energy generated from non-renewable fossil fuels, and with fossil fuel use being one of the main contributors to the increase in atmospheric CO2 and consequent climate change, the environmental importance of achieving efficient renewable energy sources has never been so significant.

A flat roof is ideally suited to generate electrical energy via a photovoltaic array. At Axter we believe the roof space should be used effectively and not left as an unused resource, so through the installation of an Axter Solar PV Flex system, the flat roof can easily be converted into an electricity generator, producing clean efficient electrical energy to power the building, the local community or feed back into the national grid.

Axter Solar PV Flex modules are the solar industry’s most efficient flexible, lightweight, building integrated thin-film solution and now provide the specifier with a clear alternative to traditional rigid panel systems. See below for full details about our Solar PV Flex systems.


Axter Solar PV Flex systems are manufactured in full compliance with EN 61646 and EN 61730 and meet all relevant British and harmonised European standards. They are compliant with BS EN 62446 Grid Connected Photovoltaics and BS EN 61853-1 Defining Solar Photovoltaic Power. Axter solar PV associated waterproofing systems are British Board of Agrément (BBA) certified, and accepted by all third party building warranty providers such as the LABC and the NHBC.


Solar PV Flex modules are supplied with a manufacturer’s linear electrical energy production guarantee and combined product performance guarantee of 20 years.


  • No roof penetrations
  • Shade tolerant CIGS technology
  • BIPV system ideal for areas with restrictive planning conditions
  • Compatible with both bitumen and synthetic PVC-p waterproofing systems
  • Can be installed on curved surfaces not suitable for rigid panels
  • High energy generation; minimum 16.1% module efficiency
  • Hail resistant and shatter proof; certified to IEC 61646
  • Low maintenance and anti-glare due to self-cleaning surface coating
  • Lightweight, less than 2.9kg/m2 (6.2kg/module)
  • Quick and easy flame free installation
  • Product performance guarantee of 20 years
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