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Flame Free Systems

Axter’s innovative range of flame free waterproofing systems eliminate the use of naked flame torch-on application techniques, in favour of Neo-Bitumen® self-adhesive, cold bonded, mechanically fixed and hot air welded waterproofing solutions. Flame free waterproofing systems provide those responsible for fire safety with the confidence to specify flat roof waterproofing systems in accordance with the latest edition of Approved Document B - Fire Safety, whilst significantly reducing fire risk during installation.


Axter is an active contributor to fire safety industry guidance and an advocate of recommendations outlined in the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) ‘Safe2Torch’ publication. Good practice and the ‘Safe2Torch’ initiative are focussed upon the safe execution of hot works including the application of torch-on RBM systems. Axter's flame free systems have been developed to eradicate the need for hot works, specifically the use of gas torches, and when combined with no flame drying techniques, the potential hazard of fire is completely removed.