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Browse our network of national stockists – providing specialist roofing knowledge on Axter products and systems.

Axter provides technical and product support to a select group of specialist national roofing merchants, builders merchants and distributors. Together we work to set the standard in highest quality roofing and waterproofing technology, delivering industry expertise and excellent service through an extensive product and system portfolio. Axter has been supporting first class merchant and distribution partners for over 30 years, in order to develop a national network of partner stockists that can meet the material supply and distribution demands of the most complex projects.

Our partner stockists are skilled in Axter Bitumen, Hot Melt, Single Ply, Cold Liquid and Flame Free waterproofing system technology, and can deliver technical and specification guidance, backed by Axter technical support, to roofing contractors and specialist builders to ensure successful project delivery.

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If you are a merchant or a distributor and wish to start stocking and promoting Axter products, or if you are looking for advice on the use of Axter's extensive product and system portfolio, then please contact us.