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Living Roofs - Sustainable Architecture

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A living roof, also known as a green roof, is the perfect way to achieve sustainable architecture.

For too long we have misunderstood roof design as just a means of waterproofing and protecting a building from the elements. Designers have a responsibility to enhance the built environment through providing ecological benefits, versatile usable space and improved thermal performance.

Green roofs cool the local environment and improve rainwater management. They enhance biodiversity through habitat provision, are visually attractive and can be used as an additional amenity space or for growing food.

We should be designing roofs as usable spaces, our cities are crowded and we should not neglect the space available to us on the roof. This CPD seeks to inspire the designer, looks at the benefits of installing a green roof, the different types of green roof, design considerations and waterproofing and insulation requirements.

This is a RIBA approved CPD.

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