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Introducing our new Aquamodul® blue roof upskilling course

Posted by Maisie Kelly —

Aquamodul® is Axter’s Blue Roof offering, suitable for flat or podium roofs. Excess rainwater collects within voids, spaces created for that purpose, and is slowly released into the drainage system, discharging the water completely from the roof within a 24-hour period.

The system varies in configuration depending on the overall roofing design. With a ballasted roof, for example, the ballast can be used as a layer of voids. Other roof types may require two layers of drainage geocomposites to be laid down. From there, water will make its way down to valved outlet restrictor chambers and discharge slowly.

Aquamodul® is compatible with many finishes, such as a Green Roof. For a trafficked podium deck, heavy-duty attenuation crates can take the weight of cars and emergency vehicles.

Best practice for design, installation and maintenance

At Axter, we guarantee our systems for up to 35 years, which is one of the main reasons why we are so rigorous in the training of our network of Accredited Installers. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to quality and work hard to ensure that every Axter offering is designed and installed with consistent attention to detail.

Correct installation is key to the success of the roof. A perfectly manufactured system may fail to work, for example, if shavings from cutting activity during installation end up obstructing outlets. So our upskilling courses emphasise details such as the need to keep cutting within a designated zone, as well as other practices that avoid contaminants.

We offer courses for many of our systems, all constructed and delivered by instructors experienced in practical roofing as well as training.

Quality Assurance Manager, Adam Grebby, says: “Everyone on the Axter QA team, and everyone who presents a course, has strong, practical roofing experience. If I’m on site, checking the penetration detailing, I can’t do that unless I could pick up the tools and do it correctly myself. And the courses are practical as well as theoretical, so I need to be able to do what I’m discussing.”

Adam was recently nominated for the LRWA Trainer of the Year award. “I really enjoy presenting these courses, and feeling that I’m making a difference and upskilling people, so it was great to be recognised for that.”

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Everyone on the Axter QA [Quality Assurance] team, and everyone who presents a course, has strong, practical roofing experience.

Adam Grebby, Quality Assurance Manager

About the Aquamodul® course

Aquamodul® upskilling is a one-day course, typically presented at a specialised training venue in Ipswich, though Axter does sometimes travel to installers and present. We teach groups of 4-6 operatives, so there can be plenty of discussion and interaction. Mixed courses involving more than one installer are possible. The theory and practical elements of the course are pass/fail examined.

Generally, one attendee from each installer will be given some additional training that relates to performing a level 3, supervisory role.

Ensuring ongoing quality

One element of the supervisor training is about providing Axter with the evidence we require on each job, to ensure that work is proceeding correctly. For Aquamodul®, this involves a mix of onsite visits by us, and a weekly submission by the installer of photographic evidence of the work.

“There’s no need to complete the course before specifying our product,” says Adam. “You can arrange the training after you’ve secured the work, and we’re pretty flexible about fitting people in quickly.”

We’ve had excellent feedback from previous attendees of the upskilling course, including: “Adam presented the course very well. He took his time to make sure everyone took it on board. Really enjoyed the course as well … always good to learn new skills.”

If you’re already an Axtershield Accredited Installer, or if you are interested in becoming one, please get in touch to find out more about membership and the courses we offer.

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