New Build Services

New Build Services

Minimise risk, enhance design, maximise potential

Concept to completion

1. Concept Design

In this stage we lay out the project ambition; this includes working through the architectural concept with the client, establishing the project ambition, cost planning, identifying the most suitable system application and outlining the programme of works, taking into account any specific planning authority requirements.

2. Technical Design

We then gather all design information required to develop the technical detail of the project. Design and technical calculations, thermal calculations, acoustic design, wind load and biodiversity will all be taken into consideration in order to gain cost certainty and procure the services required to construct. Will also bring in the need to provide proof of performance and certification for fire safety, health and safety, sustainability and system durability.

3. Tender & Procurement

We make sure the technical design is met, providing accurate tender documentation and a specialist sub-contractor list who can price the job accurately. In order to ensure a competitive tender, a comprehensive list of national, regional and locally approved and trained Axtershield roofing sub-contractors will be provided. Each company will carry trained operatives in any one or more of the key flat roofing disciplines, including hot melt, reinforced bitumen membranes, single-ply PVC and cold applied liquids.

4. Manufacturing & Installation

The manufacturing of specialist construction materials is in accordance with the project specification, within ISO 9001/14001 quality management system facilities. Prior to commencement of construction, pre-start meetings will bring together all the specialists on the design and construction teams; sub-contractors, developers, contractors, architects, client and technical design. This ensures that everything is in accordance with expectations, there are no missing elements and monitoring objectives are set so that construction can be carried out in a coordinated, phased way.

5. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) inspections take place periodically throughout the project. They are designed to pick up any health and safety issues, programme failings or risk areas as the project progresses, in compliance with industry and manufacture quality standards. Detailed QA reports are issued to the specialist sub-contractor so they can monitor performance and rectify and defects as they arise. This prevents latent defects occurring in the future, de-risks the project, reduces the cost of construction and ensures the system is installed right first time.

6. Guarantee & Handover

To achieve the specified guarantee level, the specialist sub-contractor/accredited installer and the contractor responsible for the construction of the building are required to accompany the QA managers in the final inspection of all areas. They will then sign acknowledgement that works have been completed to a high standard, in accordance with Axter’s requirements.

At this stage, waterproofing integrity testing will be required on all roofs over 50m² by a specialist contractor independent of the roofing contractor. This is necessary to obtain a Silvershield, Goldshield or Platinum system guarantee. Testing must take place at practical completion and prior to handover, before the waterproof membrane is covered by insulation and/or roof finishes are installed.

7. Use & Maintenance

Once handed over, the flat roof should be maintained to ensure its longevity. We will provide support, guidance and all the relevant maintenance manuals so that the facilities/asset management team can undertake regular maintenance inspections. Should the building/roof require change of use or adaptation, we will support that process by going back through the New Build Service Guide stages, starting with evaluating the concept for the adaptation or change of use.

Waterproofing systems


Bitumen waterproofing systems are suited to new build projects as they are a low cost, low weight and highly durable option that can extent the roof’s lifetime for a further 50 years.

Hot Melt

High performance, robust and reliable. Hot melt waterproofing systems are engineered to exceed the lifetime of the building, and are specifically manufactured to provide durable waterproofing for high traffic roof areas.

Single Ply

Durable, aesthetically versatile and lightweight, Axter’s single ply waterproofing systems offer fast installation, design flexibility and flame free installation without any need for hot works.

Cold Liquid

Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are suited to new build projects where there is a potential fire risk, complex detailing or as a lightweight alternative if significant weight can’t be added to the structure.

full new build service from start to finish

Our knowledgeable team provides the full new build service from start to finish; from the initial concept and technical design, to the tender and procurement procedure, right through to installation and quality inspections to ensure successful project guarantee and handover. We are dedicated to ensuring that our roofs are designed, installed and maintained to last well beyond their service and design life expectations.

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