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Supporting Our Partners

The benefits of partnering with a specialist roofing merchant and distribution network.

As a global waterproofing manufacturer, we collaborate with a wide variety of professionals to take our products to market. From the design and specification with architects at the early stages of large-scale residential projects, to complex roof refurbishment surveys and condition reports with chartered surveyors, to accredited roofing contractors who ultimately install our systems on site. Yet alongside these partners, we have other equally important relationships that potentially have an even greater reach – our merchant stockists.

According to, in 2019 there were an estimated 46,930 roofers in the UK, a large percentage of whom purchased all of their materials exclusively from merchants.

At Axter, we provide technical and product support to a select group of specialist national roofing merchants, builders merchants and distributors. Together we work to set the standard in highest quality roofing and waterproofing technology, delivering industry expertise and excellent service through an extensive product and system portfolio.

We have been supporting first class merchant and distribution partners for over 30 years, in order to develop a national network of partner stockists that can meet the material supply and distribution demands of the most complex projects. Our partner stockists are skilled in Axter Bitumen, Hot Melt, Single Ply, Cold Liquid and Flame Free waterproofing system technologies, and can deliver to roofing contractors and specialist builders to ensure successful project delivery.

So what does this relationship really look like?

Well, we don’t just send our products out to sit on the shelf and hope they sell themselves. We pride ourselves on actively building relationships with the people we work with. Our Technical Sales Managers are always on hand to deliver technical and specification guidance, draw details and provide calculations to help deliver a defect free flat roof.

Generally, a roof costs 7% of the total building value, yet it protects 100% of what is inside. We want to see quality across the industry, from 10m2 residential extensions to projects that are thousands of metres. We believe that the key to this is upskilling the workforce.

Through our Axtershield and Axter Alliance accredited installer schemes we run upskilling courses in all our systems to ensure the correct methods of working are passed on, focusing on all aspects of flat roofing whilst ensuring crucial elements, such as fire safety, are prevalent throughout.

It's this method that allows us to issue robust, insurance backed guarantees on projects sold via roofing merchants. With superior products and reputable contractors, we are looking to make the dark days of bad workmanship a thing of the past.

We're passionate about using the roof space for more, turning a previously dead space into a practical area. By encouraging this ethos with our merchant partners, we are seeing an increase in green roof installations on domestic homes which is great for the environment and pleasing on the eye.

It's through these avenues that we work to ensure roofing contractors can access the right system for the right application, readily available at their local branch with knowledge, resource and support from Axter just a phone call away.

If you are interested in finding one of our stockists, or becoming one yourself, more information can be found here.

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05th May 2020

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