Axter Roof Refurbishment CPD

We take things for granted that are habitual, familiar or expected. But should we?

Be honest, how many times has something broken and you’ve wondered why you didn’t maintain it or fix it sooner?

The roof is the most important part of a building. We all understand the importance of a roof system in providing shelter, security and comfort, and in the case of active roofs providing diverse functional spaces used to work and play.

But unfortunately, only when a roof leaks or fails do we truly appreciate its value.

This can often lead to a loss of income, damage to property and assets, disruption to the workplace and emotional stress. It’s then that we typically ask ourselves; Why didn't I maintain my roof? Why didn’t I fix it sooner? Is my roof guaranteed and what is the level of insured protection? Who do I contact?

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This Axter CPD aims to deliver in a brief narrative form a synopsis of how to go about maintaining, repairing and/or refurbishing a flat roof covering in order to achieve best value and protect the building asset. Structured in a conversational and interactive style, the listener will be walked through the process of safely accessing a flat roof, the diagnostic and prescription process for roof inspection and remediation, and includes a memorable six-step guide on how to design, install, maintain and guarantee a defect free, long lasting roof covering.

Chapter 1 – Roof Access

Roofs aren’t usually visible. They are often out of sight, out of mind and not so easily accessible. So when it comes to roof maintenance, repair and refurbishment we need to arrange safe access, hence, we need a Roof Access Strategy.

Chapter 2 – Inspection Procedure

So we’ve been granted permission and we have a roof access strategy. Now how do we go about inspecting the roof, and what's the next step?

Chapter 3 – Roof Refurbishment Options

“To re-roof or not to re-roof”; now that the inspection has taken place and we have identified the structure, insulation and waterproofing condition, we need to determine the best course of action – do we repair, overlay or replace the existing roof covering?

Chapter 4 – Six-Step Guide

Once we’ve arrived at a place where we can safely access the roof, diagnose and specify a solution, our six-step guide will ensure the right products are specified, designed and installed correctly to achieve a robust finish that will last.

Chapter 5 – Be Inspired. Use Your Roof

Look up, be inspired and get creative. We conclude with inspirational examples of how to go one stage further and turn the roof space into something usable, beautiful and innovative, better serving people and the environment.

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06th August 2020

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