System Components

* Component /kəmˈpəʊnənt/ noun; An individual material element designed to perform a specific function on its own or as part of an Axter specified roof system assembly.

Download Table of Components

For ease of use, system components are presented in the Table of Components, a tabular display of all core components that make up our product portfolio. Components are organised sequentially, by order of appearance within a roof system assembly, and by description or use classification, as defined within the following standards publications: BS 8217 : 2005 - Reinforced Bitumen Membranes for Roofing, BS 6229 : 2018 - Flat Roofs with Continuously supported flexible waterproof coverings, BS EN 13707: Flexible sheets for waterproofing — Reinforced bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing - Definitions and characteristics and BS EN 13956: Flexible sheets for waterproofing – Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing - Definitions and characteristics.

Each component is meticulously selected for its functionality, durability, reliability, cost efficiency and sustainability characteristics, and manufactured to the highest United Kingdom, European and international quality standards. If we do not manufacture the component directly, we partner with carefully chosen suppliers to ensure the best component is sourced, produced and delivered in accordance with our precise requirements and ethics.

Use of this table

Designed for simplicity and to provide unrestricted access to our complete component and roof system assembly data, the user can easily navigate through the component table classifications to find the component or system that is of interest to them. Once quickly identified, the user can click on a component or system block to gain access to all technical, certification and performance data for immediate review and download.

We believe in transparency and appreciate that our clients, specifiers, designers and contractors all require quick and immediate access to our specialist information. The component table provides this, but if you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Capsheets & Top Layers

The uppermost waterproof layer in a roof assembly, comprised of reinforced polymer modified bitumen incorporating a self-protected ceramic granule or mineral slate finish (capsheet) or un-protected (top layer), requiring the application of surface protection such as cold-bonded stone chippings, loose laid ballast, paving slabs, living roof or blue roof finishes.

Alpaflore PY AR Capsheet


Force Alpal 3000 S Capsheet


Arma CPV Capsheet


Armalu Capsheet


Excel Capsheet

Excel FM Capsheet


Excel Solar


Force 3000 Trafic Capsheet


Force 4000 S Capsheet


Force 4000 Flame Free Capsheet


Force 4000 Trafic Capsheet


Force 4000 Trafic Flame Free Capsheet


Force ADH Flame Free Capsheet


Force Dalle Top Layer


Force Dalle Flame Free Top Layer

Force Line SBS Capsheet


Force Line 4.0 Capsheet


Force Line 4.0 Flame Free Capsheet


Force Line 4.5 Capsheet


Force MB 40 PY Top Layer


Force Solo Capsheet


Hyranger 35 PY Top Layer


Hyranger 40 Flame Free Capsheet


Hyranger 40 FR Capsheet


Hyranger 40 PY FP Capsheet


Topaz 25 Capsheet

Wilotekt Detail Membrane Capsheet

Wilotekt Protection Membrane Capsheet