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Research & Collaboration

Research is the foundation of everything we manufacture, and we take great pride in advancing waterproofing technologies that will continue to improve people’s lives and our communities.


Home to our team of dedicated material scientists and technicians responsible for advancing new waterproofing technology, our innovation laboratory is a 300m2 material test site housing state of the art equipment. This is where cutting-edge waterproofing technology is conceived, tried, tested and realised into new product lines, and where we ensure all existing production is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

A place for creativity and collaboration

In addition to research and development, the innovation laboratory at our industrial headquarters is where expertise and ideas from around the world are advanced. This fosters innovation across all Axter business sectors, strengthening our ability to adapt in an ever-changing industrial waterproofing landscape.

Always curious

As experts in roofing material science and technology we use our curiosity to discover new waterproofing solutions designed to provide real life benefits, such as durability, sustainability and workability. We don’t just let innovation happen, we are actively driving it, for the advantage of our client and customer networks.