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Quantifying our environmental impact through Natural Carbon Solutions certification

We underwent an in-depth carbon footprint analysis covering all the business's emissions.

We have recently attained a major sustainability milestone by achieving the Natural Carbon Solutions (NCS) Carbon Measured Certificate.

The procedure was strictly conducted with the support and expertise of Eight Versa, a specialist carbon assessment consultancy. The assessment required detailed data collection and analysis over a year, ensuring a thorough and accurate evaluation.

The details matter

Axter undertook a series of detailed and specific steps, beginning with the measurement of the company's carbon footprint, which involved an in-depth analysis of emissions across Scope 1, 2, and 3.

This required collecting and evaluating data from direct emissions, such as fuel used in company vehicles and machinery (Scope 1), as well as indirect emissions from purchased electricity and other energy sources (Scope 2). For Scope 3, emissions from the entire supply chain, including transportation and manufacturing processes, were assessed too.

The next phase involved planning for reduction, and identifying key areas where emissions could be decreased. We worked with Eight Versa to look at how we’ll optimise energy use, transition to renewable energy sources, and improve operational efficiencies. The team also explored strategies for offsetting emissions, such as investing in carbon offset projects or reforestation initiatives, to compensate for unavoidable emissions, however our focus remains heavily on reducing our carbon emissions rather than offsetting.

Working towards being a silver level Carbon Literate Organisation, through the Carbon Literacy Project, all our employees have also undergone Carbon Literacy Training with Hattrick. This will be a requirement for all new starters too, to ensure we’re all striving towards the same goal.

Our comprehensive approach aligns with the Science-Based Targets initiative, which guides companies in setting emission reduction targets in line with the latest climate science. Achieving this assessment is a significant accomplishment in Axter's sustainability ambitions, demonstrating our commitment to scientifically grounded, impactful environmental strategies.

Why did we decide to do this?

You’ll find the answer in our sustainability ethos, which holds that we don't simply do what legislation demands. We all need to continually look at our carbon footprint, and take positive steps towards reducing it, if we're to reach Net Zero status as a nation.

The NCS Carbon Measured Certificate is a fantastic way of gauging how we're doing in this key area. The result demonstrates Axter's in-depth understanding of our environmental impact and shows we're taking crucial steps in our mission to reduce our emissions.

Undergoing the NCS Carbon Measured Certificate audit is also a pivotal element in Axter's pursuit of B Corp status. B Corp certification, granted by B Lab, is a globally recognised standard that acknowledges companies adhering to the highest levels of social and environmental performance. We’re striving to achieve this, and formulating our sustainability strategy for 2024 and beyond, with support from CYD Connects.

B Corp certification comprehensively assesses a company's impact on employees, customers, community, and the environment. Axter's commitment to these standards, demonstrated through the audit, ensures transparency and accountability, solidifying our position as a responsible leader in roofing manufacturing.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing is key

For businesses in the construction and roofing industry aspiring to advance their own ESG goals, we’re happy to share our experience so far. If you’d like to discuss, please feel free to get in touch. But, for now, here are some of our key learnings:

  • Set clear sustainability goals and establish a reliable method of tracking
  • Collaborate with the right partners for auditing to ensure accuracy and compliance with standards
  • Implementing training, such as Carbon literacy programs with organisations like Hattrick, can enhance team understanding of key sustainability terms and concepts
  • Initiating conversations around sustainability early is crucial, as the process is gradual and demands total commitment
  • Maintaining transparency and effective communication throughout each stage is also essential for success and accountability

We feel we are on the right track, but this is only the beginning. The whole team is excited about taking steps to becoming even more sustainable as time, knowledge and technology progress.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch.

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