Showcasing the best in residential roofing: A snapshot of Axter’s 2023 projects

2023 was a fantastic year for our work on residential projects, both refurbishment and new builds. We believe that our natural environment and our communities will be transformed by unlocking the full potential of flat roofs; over the past 12 months, our team once again showcased their skills in delivering sustainable, durable, and effective roofing solutions across a range of projects, from large urban developments to housing pods for the homeless.

Here are a few highlights from 2023 that illustrate the Axter team’s ability to overcome challenges with ease and deliver the best possible results for clients.

IMG 1194 New Garden Square

IMG 1736 New Garden Square

Swift and effective work in a bustling inner-city development: New Garden Square, Birmingham

We provided a flat roofing system for a major new urban community in Birmingham: New Square Garden, delivered by Winvic for MODA Living. Our team navigated the logistical hurdles of working on site in an inner-city environment effectively, and worked closely with construction partners to ensure deadlines were met.

A time-sensitive programme meant the building needed to be made watertight swiftly; we chose our Wilotekt®-Plus system for the project, as the installation of a 2nd generation hot melt system achieves a rapid and effective outcome. Our Force® RBM advance waterproofing system was used for the lift overruns, with Starcoat® PMMA liquid waterproofing for intricate detailing.

We also installed a davit system and mansafe systems for future access requirements to inspect the roofing system and maintain the living green roof. Axter accredited roofing contractor ALD Flat Roofing delivered the installation.


Screenshot 2023 11 30 113310 2024 02 19 134742 hfub

Solar powered units for energy bill-free living: Hopestead Place, Ipswich

We often talk about how a roofscape has the potential to transform lives and our work with our Climate and Community partner, the homelessness charity Emmaus Suffolk, truly exemplifies this.

We donated nine Solar PV units, as well as providing design and specification, to a modular housing unit project – Hopestead Place – that aims to help those coming from a background of homelessness. The Solar PV panels meant the residents would be able to live in the units energy bill-free, while also reducing the overheads for the charity’s nearby community café and offices. Find out more about the project here.

We shared the cost of installation services with Tamaris Roofing & Solar, who completed the work.

The micro homes were funded by another amazing local charity Hopestead, and built by New Meaning Foundation.

Stour Road Wildflower Matting 1 resize

Stour Road resize

Reliable roofing for student accommodation and creative arts spaces: Stour Road, East London

We provided a roofing solution to an exciting new development on Stour Road, East London, developed by CA Ventures with main contractor HG Construction. The project consists of 330 bed student accommodation and a workspace for graduates, artists’ studios, and an exhibition and performance space.

Our Wilotekt®Plus hot-melt waterproof roofing system was combined with ABG's Blue Roof attenuation and green roof systems, achieved through careful planning, skilled labour, and adherence to specific guidelines. Before installation began, both Axter and our accredited roofing contractor Roofworx Ltd collaborated closely with the architects to ensure that the waterproofing system specified was fit for purpose, developing a thorough understanding of the building's design, finishes and intended use.

All partners worked collectively, scrutinising every detail, and ensuring consideration of industry guidelines and standards, with collaboration between all parties emerging as the cornerstone of this project’s success.



Working effectively with construction partners: Belgrave Village, Birmingham

We provided a roofing system to a new contemporary community in Birmingham’s city centre, Belgrave Village, a landmark development by the Wavensmere Homes and The Galliard Apsley Partnership consisting of 438 two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments.

The programme required the building to be watertight quickly to commence work on the internal fit out. We collaborated effectively with construction partners to overcome the challenges of working on a busy, active construction site, ensuring delivery deadlines for crane lift dates were met and roofing installation fitted seamlessly into the overall scaffold program.

Wilotekt®-Plus 2nd generation hot melt was specified as an inverted roof system to ensure the building was watertight quickly, with the finishes being installed at a later date.

Frequent partner ALD Flat Roofing was the Axter accredited installer on this project.

20231121 115921 Quayside House test FINAL 1

IMG 20231110 WA0023 Quayside House FINAL 1

Identifying and solving existing waterproofing issues: Quayside House

We took part in the refurbishment of three large podium areas at Quayside House; these areas provide access to the two storey residential units above a range of commercial units below.

We identified that the existing roof system – a spray applied liquid – was ineffective and causing significant amounts of water to enter the commercial units below.

As the podiums were large areas that would be buried under slabs and used as amenity space for the residents, a fast and robust system was needed.

We chose Wilotekt®-Plus with inverted insulation for the field area and Starcoat® PMMA for the upstand detailing. As Starcoat® PMMA is a flame free system, this was chosen to complete the out of sequence works in compliance with all NFRC Safe2Torch recommendations. This was essential considering the presence of combustible materials such as doors and frames, as well as the perimeter fencing which must stay in situ as edge protection. Installation was undertaken by Axter accredited contractor, Hambro.

As the system is rain-proof in approximately 20 minutes and trafficable in around one hour, this meant that the access route could always be maintained for the residents.

A bespoke coloured sealer was also applied to the waterproofing system to match the original colour scheme on the project.

St Johns Wood 5

St Johns Wood 8 FINAL

An aesthetically-pleasing solution for a prestigious contemporary development: One St. John’s Wood, London

From concept design in 2019 to construction completion in 2022, we’ve provided expert support and the roofing system for Regal London’s One St. John’s Wood, a luxury development featuring 112 apartments and extensive amenities for residents, including a spa, pool, cinema and roof-terraces which offer views of the Lord’s Cricket Ground.

We chose Wilotekt®-Plus for the roofing system (waterproofing and insulation) for a complete inverted roof for the project, allowing services located beneath the paving of the deck to be accessible for maintenance, but completely hidden within the design and therefore aesthetically pleasing. We utilised our hot melt system to achieve a robust outcome, able to meet the demands of the site, particularly in the high traffic areas. We worked with the project’s fire assessor to identify the areas of the building that would require non-combustible insulation, to ensure the safety of residents. Tamaris Roofing & Solar was the roofing contractor on the project.

In conclusion, 2023 was a remarkable year for roofscape innovation, as we proudly delivered a diverse array of projects that embodied our commitment to sustainable, durable, and effective roofing solutions. Our team's expertise shone through as we addressed various challenges and delivered exceptional results for our clients consistently.

As we look forward to 2024, we will continue working towards our collective vision: to improve the roofscape and transform the world above our heads.

Contact the team at Axter to find out how our bespoke roofing solutions can work for your project: https://axter.co.uk/contact

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