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Working with modular roofing technology

We're excited to be working alongside QBT Management Limited to provide a waterproofing solution for their prefabricated roofing components.

It's an exciting concept; wouldn't it be cool if we could assemble and weatherproof roofs on the ground, quality control them, and then transport them up to the rooftop and install them there? Absolutely. In fact, that's what we've been trialling with QBT Management Limited, a UK-based innovative modular construction company.

We were brought in as waterproofing design specialists to provide a flame free waterproofing solution for their volumetric modular buildings. Our design remit was to provide a robust, quality assured, safe and efficient solution that could be part assembled off site in a quality controlled factory, and completed on site. Our range of flame free Neo-Bitumen membranes, coupled with Starcoat liquid technology and a host of accompanying pre-fabricated roof ancillary components, was deemed to meet the design criteria.

Working out of the conceptual to the physical, our Operations Manager Ian Thompson spent the day down at QB’s factory early this month, demonstrating the safe and secure application of our Neo-Bitumen waterproofing products on a prototype model – as you can see, the results were impressive!

The interesting thing about these kinds of modular components is that everything can be assembled off site, reducing on-site infrastructure work and application time. They can be constructed under controlled procedures and installed to a high quality finish, plus working at height? No risk there!

It’s a pleasure to be working with QBT Management Limited in the fast developing modular construction sector. We're looking forward to seeing the scalability and wider implementation in time.

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25th October 2021

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