Roof Refurbishment Service

Roof Refurbishment Service

Protect and maintain; give your roof life.

Protect and maintain

We all understand how important our roofs are. They provide shelter, security, comfort and, in the case of active roofs, provide diverse functional spaces used for work and play. But roof waterproofing systems won't last forever without the requirement for renewal or adaptation, or a combination of the two.

Our knowledgeable team provides the full refurbishment service from safe access to the roof and conducting a full survey, through to deciding on the best specification to carry forward based on a variety of criteria. We are dedicated to ensuring that our roofs are designed, installed and maintained to last well beyond their service and design life expectations.

Knowing your options

Refurbishing an existing waterproofing system won't always be the result of a waterproofing system defect or failure. In fact, the requirement for refurbishment is often because the roof no longer conforms to current building regulations. Perhaps the building is being adapted or it has undergoing a change of use. Because of this, it is essential to work with a roof refurbishment specialist that can provide professional, compliant guidance for all eventualities.

Once the exact nature and condition of the existing deck has been established, the primary decision will be whether to; (a) strip off the existing deck with the waterproofing, and replace it with a new non-fragile substrate, (b) retain the deck, prepare the surface, over-deck and overlay, or (c) retain the deck, prepare the surface and overlay.

In the instance of an overlay, typically a single-layer fully bonded membrane or liquid resin can be applied onto the existing waterproofing. Some preparatory work may be required in order to do this.

This option is necessary where the deck, insulation and/or waterproofing has severely failed and cannot be salvaged. In this instance, the roof covering, insulation (where evident) and structure (once exposed) will be carefully removed, disposed of in accordance with local authority standards and replaced with a suitable new roof covering.

Maintenance programme

A properly executed maintenance programme will add years to the life of the roof by detecting minor problems before they become major. This will provide better overall protection for the building and will avoid interruption of the internal functions during any maintenance work.

Use your roof

The roof is not a dead space. In today's changing environment, the roof should do more than simply protect the building from the elements. Our philosophy is that flat roofs should be used for generating clean and efficient electricity, creating biodiversity habitats or attenuating rainwater.

So why not go one step further and add solar PV to your roof. Or a landscaped roof garden Or how about combining the two for a biosolar roof? The sky is the limit and our technical experts can help you find the best solution to suit you and your building.

Look up, be inspired and get creative by turning the roof space into something usable, beautiful and innovative, better serving people and the environment.

Refurbishment waterproofing systems

Bitumen waterproofing systems are suited to refurbishment projects as they are a simple one layer overlay to an existing bitumen system. It’s a low cost, low weight and highly durable option that can extent the roof’s lifetime for a further 50 years.

Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are suited to refurbishment projects where there is a potential fire risk, complex detailing or as a lightweight alternative if significant weight can’t be added to the structure.

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