Bexley Park Sports & Social Club

Bexley Park Sports and Social Club is home to a wide range of sporting facilities and teams, including bowling, squash, football and rugby. They also have a large function room that is available for hire. Read on to learn how Axter was able to help them with a complete roof refurbishment.

Bexley Park Sports and Social Club Ltd
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Henley's Roofing Ltd
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Project overview

The original roof had been on the building for over 40 years. It was coming to the end of its serviceable life and was starting to show signs of aging, such as leaks around the rooflights.

Axter were brought in to carry out the roof refurbishment of the main building.

Overall, this project ran very smoothly and we were incredibly happy with the result. The writing on the barrel roof was a lovely added touch by our Axtershield Installer partner, Henley’s Roofing Ltd.

This case study will focus on the main roof. However, as we will touch on towards the end, the client was so pleased with the work that they decided to go on to refurbish the other three roof areas.

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This was a complex project for several reasons. Several different parts of the main building had been added over time, so there was a change of level details throughout the roof.

Part of the building had a barrel roof section, which added an extra level of complexity to the job.

As well as this, there were a few existing features, such as a water tank on the roof surrounded by rotten chipboard, which also had to be taken into consideration when it came to planning installation methods.


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Given the age of the roof and the defects observed, it was recommended that a full overlay be carried out.

As well as the specific roofing considerations, Bexley Park Sports and Social Club were looking to keep within a tight budget. For this reason, the single layer overlay solution worked perfectly to provide a cost-effective option. Our Reinforced Bitumen Membranes (RBM) combine strength with longevity to provide a durable waterproofing system with a 20-year guarantee.

The rotten chipboard was removed and replaced with timber cladding. Flame free Starcoat® PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) was used for the sections where it was necessary to eliminate fire risk. This cold-applied liquid system provided a great non-flammable solution.

Systems in use

  • Excel®

    A premium range of high performance reinforced bitumen waterproofing membranes, manufactured with the unique Alpa polymeric binder, making it our most technologically advanced RBM system.

  • Starcoat® PMMA

    A flame free and rapid cure, two component polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin waterproofing system that provides a fully adhered waterproofing layer.

Additional works carried out

The client was very impressed with the quality of the work carried out on the main roof, and our ability to provide them with a cost-effective solution. The work came in under budget and they were so pleased with the job that they accelerated the project and decided to refurbish the other three club roofs – something that hadn’t been on the cards before. The initial work had provided them with the peace of mind that everything would go to plan and enhance the building, all with minimal disruption to the club. So we went on to refurbish the squash court, changing rooms and storage room roofs.

Condition surveys were taken across all four of the roof areas. The additional roofing areas all needed re-decking as they were incredibly warn from ongoing water ingress.

This meant we had to strip down to and remove the existing support structure, before installing a new ply deck, ready for the waterproofing works to go ahead. The changing room roof was pitched, adding an extra complexity to the job, as the shingle had to be replaced.

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From the very start, we chose Axter products to refurbish our roofing project and worked closely with Axter and the Contractor.

The project was completed on time and on budget, which worked out well for all parties.

Paul Hewagama, Chairman, Bexley Park Sports & Social Club Ltd.

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