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Newcastle Under Lyme College

Newcastle Under Lyme College

Axter systems used

Excel® Solar PV Flex

A unique single layer waterproofing system with integrated and lightweight photovoltaic module finish. Maximising roof use whilst minimising risk.

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Upon the opening of a new Renewable Energy Training Course, Newcastle Under Lyme College decided to use the existing roof space of a recently constructed building to house a photovoltaic system, as both an investment and teaching opportunity.


The new photovoltaic system was to be installed on the roof of the recently built Skills and Technology Centre. The existing structure, however, was neither designed or constructed to withstand the additional weight load of a ballasted crystalline PV array, and a mechanically fastened solution proved problematic.


Lightweight (less than 7kg/m2), low profile (5mm build-up) and hard wearing (Teflon coated), the amorphous thin film Solar PV modules specified were the ideal product for this type of application. An outline PV array design and payback calculation were provided by Axter, and once instructed, the works were installed in a matter of days, with all of the modules and tooling being passed up through the Roof Access hatch. Axter’s lightweight, Velcro attached, building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) Solar PV modules offered a cost effective, safe and practical option, without penetrating the existing roof covering.

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