Bridgend, South Wales

Vine Christian Centre

A complete roof refurbishment, including thermal upgrade and full waterproofing of a church centre.

Vine Christian Centre
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Commercial & Retail
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Single Ply
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Nautilus Roofing & Exteriors
VCC complete

Systems in use

  • Ecoflex®

    Ecoflex single ply waterproofing membranes have been engineered to provide economic and ecological performance benefits. Ecoflex is a lightweight, flexible PVC-p synthetic membrane manufactured with recycled polymers and has been specifically designed for widespread use on all roofing projects including domestic, commercial and industrial structures.

Project overview

The works were part of a wider refurbishment investment to the Church premises, following a building condition survey and report from a building consultant. The project included various roof areas with different systems in situ, all requiring thermal upgrade, and increased falls to remove standing water from the roof. There were also rooflights and roof lanterns that needed to either be replaced or removed and boarded over, a live gas pipe which required lifting to accommodate the new roofing system, and various redundant SVP’s and chimneys. Some sections were partially stripped back and overlaid, and others were stripped back fully to the deck ready for the new waterproofing system.


Three separate roof areas required upgrading as the existing waterproofing was failing and reaching the end of its service life. Water ingress was occurring, causing damage to the internals of the building.

Axter carried out in depth surveys and took various core samples to determine the existing build ups of each roof area. It was identified that remedial works were needed to stop water ingress, thermally upgrade the roof, remove standing water, and remove certain rooflights. Two out of the three areas had redundant and dated rooflights / roof lanterns. There was also an active gas pipe laid across the main roof area which had to be taken into consideration when specifying works.

Vine Christian Centre (before works):

VCC old

VCC old lights and pipe


The 3 existing roof build ups included Asphalt with RBM cap sheet and stone chippings, Asphalt with RBM cap sheet and solar reflective paint and finally an EPDM system. Our core samples revealed that the areas with existing asphalt were in good condition. Therefore, Axter advised to only remove the solar reflective paint and the stone chippings to avoid the asphalt from going into landfill and to keep costs down. We used a mixture of torch applied and self-adhered AVCL’s, dependant on the deck type and to comply with SAFE2TORCH areas. Axter’s Ecoflex® ADH single ply membrane was the system of choice as this kept the use of naked flames to a minimum as the building remained in use throughout the refurbishment programme. The system provided a 20 Year Guarantee covering design, materials and workmanship and achieves Broof(T4) fire certification.

A live gas pipe was running across the main roof area. It was decided with the client that this would be replaced and raised to accommodate the new roofing system.

As this was a live site, the safety of the client and their visitors was a risk that needed to be considered. Risk and method statements were developed and written with the client’s ongoing activities in mind. The contract was carried out without the occurrence of any accidents or incidents.

Vine Christian Centre (after works):

VCC complete 5

VCC complete 6

We were delighted to have Axter and the Nautilus work on our roofing project and again were delighted with the outcomes. From initial consultations with both Nautilus and Axter we found them to be highly knowledgeable and professional in providing solutions and specifications. Axter’s attention to detail manifested through their survey work and their recommendations provided us with a great deal of assurance in the project, along with ongoing technical assistance from the Axter team to provide reassurance at different junctions in the project. Nautilus were extremely professional in their approach and a pleasure to have on site. Their high regard for health and safety and CDM on site was also evident and ensured a safe environment for all stakeholders. The project was completed by Nautilus in a timely manner and certified by Axter, giving us high confidence in the completed works. A real pleasure to work with on all sides.

Andy Lee , Vine Christian Centre

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