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Early Learning Unit, Hamilton


Systems used:

Cityflor - Force 4000 S, Force 4000 Flame Free

Sedum 60 Green Roof


This project was originally specified to be a single ply system but, with the school catering for children with special requirements, it was decided that a living roof system would be beneficial to both the staff and pupils, and that single ply would not be suitable.

This is when Axter and Procladd became involved in this project and worked together to design a robust waterproofing system that could work with a living roof, and still provide value for money for the Council, delivering the project on time and on budget.


Following discussions, Axter’s Cityflor Reinforced Bitumen Membrane system was specified over a plywood substrate, with an extensive green roof. This project threw up some unique challenges, specifically in the need for the use of Flame Free Technology to combustible upstands. Axter and Procladd were both committed to NFRC Safe2Torch standards, with Axter’s Flame Free Neo-Bitumen Technology specified on upstands to remove any risk of fire. The Force 4000 Flame Free system to these areas consisted of a self-adhesive binder, combined with hot air welding technology to seal and bond all laps, to ensure a robust detail without any risk of a naked flame near combustible materials.

When asked to comment on using the Neo-Bitumen Flame Free technology, Procladd Operatives Billy and John commented: “The membrane was very easy to work with and a pleasure to install. The self-adhesive membrane adhered incredibly well to the upstand without the need to heat the underside, like a standard torch applied system, which made the installation a quick process. Once completed we heated the side and head laps using a hot air gun, normally associated with Single Ply membrane, to ensure a full bond complete with a 2mm bitumen bead. The system is one of the most straightforward and workable systems that we have used.”

Procladd Managing Director Keith Burrell said, “We have worked with Axter on a number of projects and knew, through their commitment to achieving robust waterproofing systems, and their experience within the education sector, that it meant we could work together to complete this project in harmony to give the best service possible to South Lanarkshire Council.

The introduction of their Flame Free Neo-Bitumen system to the areas of combustible upstand meant that works could progress quickly on site, whilst maintaining safety and reducing any risk of naked flame near to timber or combustible materials.

From start to finish Axter were informative and helpful with initial NBS specifications, detailed drawings and thermal calculations, right through to on site technical guidance and Quality Assessment of the ongoing works and through to completion and Guarantee.”

South Lanarkshire Council
Hamilton, South Lanarkshire